What's In A Name?

  • The first written record of a European crossing the Cypress River was in Alexander Henry’s diary of August 11, 1806.
  • Holland was named after the first postmaster, Mr. A.C. Holland.
  • Landseer was named in 1904 after the noted English animal painter, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer.
  • Littleton’s founder, Robert Little, is thought to be the first European settler to have crossed the Tiger Hills area with a wagon during a move in 1879. In 1885, the railroad "missed Littleton by a mile”; the settlement moved a few miles south west, and was named Cypress River. The community describes itself as the "Best ‘Little Town’ on the Prairie”, which is a play on the name of Robert Little, and his brother Nathaniel Little. Littleton’s site is now marked with a cairn, erected in 1995 by the Cypress River Agricultural Society during their centennial year.