Interesting By-laws

Over the years there have been hundreds of by-laws passed by our elected officials. Below are the dates of some of the more interesting by-laws from the RM of Victoria:

1903 – Protection from fire of buildings and construction of chimneys.
1915 – Provision of grain for farmers unable to finance their own seed.
1919 – Provision of a day in the spring to destroy gophers.
19?? – Prohibition of the keeping of pigs in town.
1936 – Provide payment of medical expenses for persons contracting infantile paralysis.
1938 – Skating rink reserve fund - $7000.00.
1947 – Authorizing the execution of a contract with Manitoba Power Commission for the supply of power for streetlighting.
1947 – Providing for the erection of a Memorial Hall in Holland.
1949 – Defining boundaries of every school district within the municipality.
1957 – To provide for refund of part of monies to farmers for grasshopper control.
1959 – The retirement of Robert Manning as secretary-treasurer.
1961 – Approval for the issuance of certain licenses for the sale of liquor.
1961 – To provide for the construction of a water works system in Holland.
1963 – To provide for the construction of a sewer system in Cypress River.
1969 – Authorize the sale of land to Victoria Manor Inc.
1971 – Respecting licenses for the sale of liquor in dining and cocktail rooms.
1971 – Formation of Weed Control District.
1973 – Regulating Licensing of Lotteries.
1974 - Mutual Aid Agreement.
1976 - To provide for a dog tax and certain regulations regarding dogs.
1979 - Declaring Section 3 of "The Lords Day Act” to be in force in respect of certain Sunday activities.
1980 – Establishment of a Public Recreation District.
1985 – Providing for regulating, governing, and licensing commercial travelers, transient traders, & auctioneers.
1986 – To provide for regulating and elimination of derelict vehicles.
1987 – To regulate untidy and unsightly premises.
1990 – To regulate the running at large of animals and fowl.
1991 - To control and regulate unnecessary noise.
1992 – To regulate certain livestock production operations.
1993 – To number houses within communities.
1995 – Adoption of Emergency Plan.
1996 – To regulate snowmobile operation within communities.
1996 – Dog & Cat control.
1997 – Building Control.
1999 – Regional waste disposal agreement.