Holland Emmanuel Friends Inc.

Mandate/ Description:

Our committee mandate is to restore, preserve and maintain the Holland Emmanuel Historical Site. We also promote tourism for the Holland Area.

Group Description: Holland Emmanuel Historical Site was the former Anglican Church which was deconsecrated in 2007. Andrew Maxwell a resident of Holland was the architect. He designed several homes in the Holland area. Andres was a distant cousin of Edward and W.S. Maxwell who designed the Regina Parliament Buildings.

Holland Emmanuel was built in 1894. It is an example of Gothic revival style boasting a beautiful arched ceiling, raised chancel and magnificent stained glass windows. Holland Emmanuel was designated a Municipal Historical Site in 2009.

Arthur Charles Holland, whom our town is named after, was a very active member of the church. Two of the east stained glass windows, the baptismal font and brass lectern are in memory of he Holland family members.

Holland Emmanuel is located at 114 Barr Street in Holland. It is available for weddings, funerals, concerts or as a meeting place. It is open daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m June 1 to August 31st. For rental information contact Colleen at (204) 526 2717 or Barbara at (204) 526 2544.

Our committee consists of individuals who are concerned with the historical value of the former church as it pertains to Holland’s history. We encourage anyone interested in our community history to join our committee.

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Contact Information:

  • P.O Box 236
  • 114 Barr Street
  • Contact: Colleen Steinke (204) 526 2717 or via email at barrac@mymts.net or
  • Barb Marginet (204) 526 2544 


  • Colleen Steinke 

Vice President:

  • Barb Marginet 


  • Laurel Walker


  • Dona Smart