Tax & Bill Payment

Current Taxes are payable at par from October 1st to October 30th, 2016. A penalty of 1.25% (15% per annum) will be added to all unpaid taxes after the due date, and alike penalty on the 1st day of each and every month thereafter until paid.

Tax arrears and penalties must be paid in full before payment can be applied to current taxes. Properties in arrears of taxes for more than one year may be sold for taxes.


Will be allowed on all current taxes if paid during the following listed months:

  • JANUARY 2.250% Discount
  • FEBRUARY 2.000% Discount
  • MARCH 1.750% Discount
  • APRIL 1.500% Discount
  • MAY  1.250% Discount
  • JUNE 1.000% Discount
  • JULY   0.75% Discount
  • AUGUST 0.500% Discount
  • SEPTEMBER 0.250% Discount

The Rural Municipality of Victoria administrative offices must be advised promptly of any change of ownership or mailing address in order to ensure that the tax invoice is properly forwarded. If you have received a Tax Notice and the property to which it relates has been sold, please ensure that the Notice is forwarded to the new property owners, or return it to the Municipal Office for proper addressing.

Failure to receive an invoice does not excuse responsibility for payment of taxes nor relieve the owner from liability for any late payment penalty. For further information regarding your taxes (excluding school taxes), please telephone, write or email the Rural Municipality of Victoria. When making an inquiry about your statement, please quote the Roll Number that appears on the top right-hand corner of your statement. If your inquiry pertains to school taxes, please contact your school division.

The Rural Municipality of Victoria
130 Broadway Street
P.O. Box 40
Holland, Manitoba   R0G 0X0