Cypress River & Area Foundation

Cypress River and Area Foundation is a philanthropic organization focused on building permanent endowments in order to tackle long-term community challenges as well as meeting immediate needs. 
This foundation is governed by a body of volunteers which strives to represent and be accountable to the Cypress River Community.
The foundation will focus its grant funding and charitable services primarily in the Cypress River geographic area.
Gifts or donations are normally designated for general charitable purposes of the Foundation, however they may be designated to a specific organization. All gifts qualify for deduction for Income Tax purposes and provide significant income tax savings. Donors should seek professional advice regarding individual income tax implications.
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Mailing Contributions 
Contributions can be mailed to:
Cypress River & Area Foundation 
PO Box 86
Cypress River, MB
R0K 0P0
Foundation Board Members:

Neil Young - President
Tim Klassen - Treasurer
Anita Gillis - Secretary
Janice Robidoux
Jim Cassels
Marvin Arason
Marianne Anderson Hailey Berry - Youth Member
*Board Members welcome any inquiries about donations and/or bequests at your convenience.